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Personal Loans to Your Financial Needs

If you are planning to apply for personal loans, it is very helpful to learn about the different kinds of personal loans, in order to choose the loan which will best fit your needs. Each kind of loan is specially designed to either best correspond to a specific type of borrower or to best address a particular purpose or situation. All loans fall under two major types: the secured and the unsecured personal loans.

Secured loans require collateral or a proof of assets. This type offers huge loanable amounts, lower interest rates, and flexible payment schemes. On the other hand, the unsecured personal loans require no collateral. They often have higher interest rates than secured personal loans.

Here are the different kinds of personal loans which you could choose from. Analyze each loan package and pick the option which will best suit you and your needs.

1. The Home Equity Personal Loans are secured loans designed for home-owners who need to have access to a large amount of money. Since the home can be presented as collateral, borrowers enjoy lower interest rates and various flexible payment schemes. Borrowers could even choose longer payback period with much lower monthly loan payments.

2. The Home Equity Line of Credit best fits home-owners who do not need to have the lump sum all at once. The interest rates are lower and the payment terms are flexible. With this type of personal loans, the borrower is given a credit line and a borrowing period or a “draw period”. The borrower can then choose the amount needed, when to get the loan, and when to pay it back.

3. The Short Term Personal Loans are secured loans for people who wish to borrow a huge amount of money but who dislike long payment periods. Short term personal loans offer from $1500 up to $20000 depending on the lending institution and the collateral. The loan packages usually have higher interest rates with shorter repayment periods.

4. The best bet for people who need cash right away are the Fast Cash Advances, also known as the payday advances. They offer instant cash to temporarily fix a small financial problem. They have few requirements, higher interest rates, and shorter payment terms. The best part is that the borrower could pay the loan within two weeks and can apply for another one when the next money problem comes up.

5. Military Loan Institutions offer Military Payday Advances to military personnel who need financial assistance. Military Payday Advance packages usually have low interest rates and various payment schemes. Some Military Lenders do not even require credit checks.

6. People who have low credit rating or no credit history at all have the best chance by applying for No Credit Check Personal Loans.

7. For those who need money to deal with unexpected personal events, such as a medical emergency or a much-needed home repair, the best alternative is to apply for secured or unsecured Second Chance Personal Loans. This type of loan usually has higher interest rates and shorter payback periods.

8. Christian Lending Personal Loans can be best described as cash advances for people who have problems with debt. Certain Christian Credit Organizations offer not just flexible payment schemes; the lenders also offer financial advice to teach borrowers to better manage debt. Christian Lending Personal Loans usually have debt consolidation plans wherein multiple debts can be combined into one and the borrower will only have one payment monthly. Christian Lenders also offer flexible payment schemes.

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